What’s the local sales tax rate and where does it go?
  • The regular sales tax rate in Ellisville is 8.9880%. This includes 4.2250% for the State, 3.513% that is St. Louis county wide and Ellisville sales taxes totaling 1.2500%.
  • The State portion includes 3.0000% for General Fund, Education for 1.0000%, conservation for 0.125% and Parks for 0.1000%.
  • The County portion includes 1.0000% for County and municipal operations, 1.2500% for Transportation & Metrolink,0.500% for Public Safety, 0.2500% for Children's Services, 0.2875% for Regional Parks, Trails & Arch and 0.1000% for Emergency Communications, and 0.1250% for Zoological Park.
  • The Ellisville portion is 0.5000% for Stormwater Control, 0.5000% for Capital Improvements and 0.2500% for Park Improvement Bonds.
  • Qualified food sales (groceries) have a lower sales tax rate. The combined rate for those sales is 5.9880%.

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1. What’s the local sales tax rate and where does it go?
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