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SBA - Write Your Business Plan

SimplifyLLC - How-to Guides for Starting and Running Your Own Company

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SBA - U.S. Small Business Administration

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Finding A Location For Your Business

The City maintains a list of available properties for sale and lease. This list is periodically updated.

Development Procedures

Under the City's Zoning Code, some businesses and projects may require review by the City's Planning and Zoning Commission, Architectural Review Board, and City Council. Take a look at the City's Zoning Map, to identify the zoning district for the property you have selected for your business. Click on the chosen property, then click on the zoning designation to find out more about the zoning requirements. If you need zoning approval, you may find the required applications here. You will also find the Process Booklet(s) which outline(s) the entire process.

If you still have questions, please contact City staff.

Construction Permits: 

Grading, Site Improvement, Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical

After you have cleared zoning approval(s), you will need to contact the Engineering Department for any necessary site work, including but not limited to, grading, landscaping, and utility improvements and pavement. Land disturbance, grading, or alteration of 1 acre or m ore will require a site permit. Site permits are separate from the building permits.

The Engineering Department accepts all applications for Site Improvement Permits, reviews applications for site improvements and issues site improvements permits. This phase of the project mayh also require coordination with Metropolitan Sewer District, Metro West Fire Protection, Ameren UE, Spire (Laclede Gas), Department of Natural Resources, Mo DOT and other agencies, as applicable. You must contact them for any permit inquiries. Any state permits will be pulled through the respective agencies. Once you have cleared site improvement (if applicable), you will need to secure any required building permits.

Plan Set Requirements

 You may submit the initial review set digitally to Jeff Center at                                                 After all review comments have been address, a revised digital plan set is required.                                                                In addition to the revised digital copy, 2 wet sealed plan sets are required.  These plans must include a full site plan, structural drawings with calculations, and architectural drawings.  All plans may be sent to a 3rd party reviewer depending on the size of the project.  The turnaround time for questions and request for additional information is usually 7-14 days depending on the size of the project.  All City permit fees are based on construction cost plus any additional 3rd party review fees and needed inspections.  An escrow may be required in lieu of a site plan on projects under 1 acre. All fees will be due when the permit is picked up.  The formula is basically $3.00 per every $1000.00 of construction cost plus additional fees and inspections.   The City follows the 2015 IBC codes.  The city uses ICC A117.1- 2009 for accessible facilities. The City also issues its own plumbing permits and follows the 2015 IPC codes.  Ellisville contracts with St. Louis County for permitting of Electrical (2017NEC) and Mechanical (2015IMC) permits. Please contact St. Louis County for this permitting. The following link will help you get started in their permitting process.  

The Metro West Fire District will also require a building permit. The following link will get you started.

Depending on the use of your business, a St. Louis County Health department permit may be required.

We recommend you set up a pre-construction meeting date with the zoning, engineering, and building departments prior to plan approval. You can request a pre-construction meeting  once you have a hard copy of site plans and architectural drawings. A pre-construction meeting will help you in the plan review stage and expedite your process.

City Inspections & Occupancy Permit

 Before you can occupy your business space, the City requires a commercial occupancy inspection and a commercial occupancy permit. To inquire about scheduling an inspection, please call the Building Department at (636) 227-9660. The space must pass inspection in order to obtain an Occupancy Permit. 

Inspections and Occupancy

Fire Inspection

Be sure to contact Metro West Fire  Protection District  for an occupancy inspection. Metro West Fire Protection District is located at 17065 Manchester Road and they can be reached by phone at (636) 458-2100, or by fax at (636) 458-2199.

Business License

A Business License is required before you can operate a business in Ellisville. To obtain your Business License you will need to contact the Finance Department.

Sign Permits

A sign permit is needed for all exterior signage. You may download an application from the City's website and submit it to the Code Enforcement Officer for review. The entire Sign Code is also available on the City's website. For a summary of sign code, you may review the Sign Regulations Guide.

Sign Permit

Promoting Your Business

As part of the City's on-going efforts to help our businesses thrive, we are offering you the opportunity to introduce your business to every new resident by including a coupon or voucher in our New Resident Welcome Packets. The City of Ellisville provides every new household with a New Resident Welcome Packet. You can find out more about this program here.

Promote your local business

Additionally, the City offers several sponsorship and promotional opportunities:

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