Yard Waste Collection

Refuge Services

Yard waste tags are available for purchase at City Hall.
Tags may be purchased using credit card, cash or check.
For your convenience, y
ard waste tags are also available
for purchase at Dierbergs.


Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, and branches, household or yard plants and Christmas trees.

Missouri Senate Bill 530 prohibits the disposal of yard waste in landfills. Please, do not place yard waste in your refuse container. There are several yard waste disposal options available to Ellisville residents. The most effective and inexpensive way for you to manage your yard waste volume is to:

  1. Use conservation practices such as cutting your grass more frequently without bagging it, referred to as the "Don't Bag It" program, and
  2. Operate a home composting area using your yard waste as mulch.

However, if you can't or don't wish to employ these measures, there are other options available for disposal of your yard waste.

Curbside Collection

Republic Services provides a resident-paid curbside yard waste collection program for those who choose not to participate in the "Don't Bag It" program and/or composting or mulching yard waste. Each Wednesday Republic Services will pick-up yard waste throughout the city, with the exception of the months of January and February of each year, when there will be no yard waste pick up. Guidelines for the curbside collection of yard waste are as follows:

  • Yard waste must be placed in compost bags designed for yard waste collection or it may be placed loosely in 32-gallon trash cans or carts and clearly labeled as yard waste.
  • Each yard waste bag or can must have a Republic Services tag affixed to it. Yard waste tags can be purchased from City Hall and Dierberg's at $4.10 each.
  • No can or bag can weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Yard waste not placed in a container must be no longer than 4 feet and must be tied with rope or twine into bundles with a yard waste tag affixed. Yard waste tags must be visible from the street.
  • There will be no yard waste collection in January and February

Yard Waste Drop Off Program

Ellisville residents with proof of residency may drop-off brush chipping and tree limbs at the Public Works facility located at 553 Old State Road. Leaves and grass clippings will not be accepted. The yard waste must comply with the guidelines of the annual fall brush chipping collection program as to size and type of materials. There is no direct cost to residents for this service. No Commercial Drop-off Allowed.

Brush Collection Program

Each spring and fall, the City provides a curb-side brush chipping program, with no direct cost to Ellisville residents. Residents who wish to participate in the program should place their tree trimmings and brush by the street prior to the date that chipping is scheduled to begin in their district. Flyers that include guidelines and schedules are mailed to each household prior to the beginning of the program. Mulch that is produced as a result of the brush chipping program will be available free of charge to Ellisville residents at the Public Works facility, 553 Old State Road.

Fall Leaf Collection Program

Each fall the City provides a Leaf Collection Program with no direct cost to Ellisville residents. Residents must rake their leaves in rows to the gutter or ditch line prior to the date that leaf vacuuming is scheduled to begin in each district. Leaves should not obstruct the storm water flow through a gutter or ditch. Flyers that include program guidelines and schedules are mailed to each household as a reminder. Leaves are picked up approximately every 3.5 weeks during each district's collection schedule.

Christmas Tree Collection/Drop-Off Site Program

Every January, the City offers a curbside Christmas tree collection with no direct cost to residents. Place your tree along the street in front of your home prior to the beginning date for pickup in your district. Pick-up schedules are normally printed in the city newsletter, the Trailblazer. Christmas trees can also be dropped off during January in the designated area located at the Public Works facility, 553 Old State Road. The trees will be chipped and made available as mulch material. The mulch will be available in the at the Public Works Facility in the area designated "mulch/brush drop-off area" free of charge to Ellisville residents.