Board of Adjustment


  • Meets on an as-needed basis
  • 1 Weis Avenue
    Ellisville, MO 63011


Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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Member DistrictAppointed/ReappointedExpires
Sandie McGrath101/202005/2025
Buck Fetters206/2022
Fred Vilbig (Chairman)
Patrick Seamands201/202005/2025
David Brcic305/201805/2024
Alternate Members

Jane Hoyt
Jerry Livers
John Hoffman 301/202305/2025


The Board of Adjustment was established to hear appeals from Ellisville residents and businesses who have a unique property adjustment request. When a resident or business wants to build a new building or add on to an existing building and the property does not comply with the planning and zoning code, the person may file an application for variance based on their hardship.

The standards for granting variances are; the variance requested arises from a condition which is unique to the property in question and which is not ordinarily found in the same zoning district, and is not created by an action or actions of the property owner or the applicant; the granting of the variance will not adversely affect the rights of adjacent property owners or residents; if the variance is not granted the property owner may suffer extreme hardship or severe practical difficulty; and the variance desired will not adversely affect the public health, safety, order, and convenience, or general welfare of the community. The Board of Adjustment will not grant a variance unless an application is filed stating in writing all of the previously mentioned reasons for granting a variance.

The board consists of 5 members who are residents in Ellisville. The Mayor will nominate the members and they are approved by a majority to the Council Members. Three alternate members may be appointed to serve in the absence of or the disqualification of the regular members. All terms are 5 years. Board of Adjustment meetings are open to the public. To contact a Board of Adjustment Member, leave a message with the City Clerk at 636-227-9660. Messages will be forwarded to the appropriate member.