Home Security Checks

As a crime prevention and community relations service to our citizens, we provide courtesy checks of houses where residents are temporarily out of town on vacation, business trips, etc. (No vacant house checks will be made under this program.) For trips, lasting between three and fourteen days periodic checks will be made on the residence with the goal of daily checks. For trips lasting between fourteen and thirty days homes will be checked at least once weekly.  
  • Checks will be made during daylight hours only.
  • Checks will be made for vacations lasting between three and thirty days.

Residents are asked to notify the police department if they return early.

If you would like this service, either call 636-227-7777, or go by the police station, #37 Weis Avenue during normal business hours. Whenever possible please contact the police department three days prior to your departure. The police clerk will complete a form that requires certain information. Please have ready the following information when you call or go by the police station:

  1. Address and phone numbers where you can be reached, if known
  2. Basic information such as alarm information, timers, lights to be left on, etc.
  3. Date leaving
  4. Date returning
  5. Home phone number
  6. Know if mail delivery going to be stopped
  7. Name, address, and phone number of an emergency local contact
  8. Street address
  9. Vehicles left at home: year, make, model/type, color, license number, where parked on property
  10. When you return home from your trip, it is very important to notify the police immediately that you have returned and everything appears in order. 

Disclaimer: Requesting a vacation house check does not, and the Ellisville Police Department cannot guarantee, that a burglary, other crime or damage will not occur at your residence; it is intended to be a request of the Ellisville Police Department to check your home periodically, based upon the availability of an officer from time to time. It is recommended that you make every effort to safeguard against losses including securing of high value property, using proper locking devices, alarm systems, etc.