1. Business Directory (PDF)

    View and download the Ellisville Business Directory (PDF).

  2. Business License Applications

    All businesses located within the City of Ellisville must obtain a Business License from the City of Ellisville, even if exempt by State Statutes.

  3. Leasing / For Sale

    The city maintains a comprehensive database of available properties to assist with your site location search.

  4. Motor Vehicle Oriented Business Ordinance (PDF)

    Read through and download the Motor Vehicle Oriented Business Ordinance for the City of Ellisville.

  5. Municipal Code

    Access the Ellisville Municipal Code online.

  6. Planning & Community Development Department

    The Planning and Community Development Department (Planning Department) was established to advise the city Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council on how best to preserve and protect the existing residential and business communities.

  7. Zoning Code

    View the city Zoning Code.